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Homemaking Services

Since 1990 Precious Home Companion has been providing a full range of non-medical home care services to residents of northern California, including homemaking services.  Trained caregivers help the elderly and/or infirm by providing a comfortable and tidy environment. Homemaking services include light cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, etc. For a complete list of homemaking services provided, please visit www.precioushome.com.

Each client and their family meets with a representative of PreciousHome.com to determine which homemaking services are required.  Once specific homemaking services are determined, clients can sit back and relax knowing trained staff will take care of the household tasks. The last thing a client needs to worry about is whether their home is clean and neat.  By enlisting the aid of a caregiver to perform homemaking services, clients don’t have to worry about a thing.

PreciousHome.com will also meet with other members of the client’s care team to determine precisely which services are required. Clients may opt for homemaking services alone; or homemaking services along with personal care, errands or any of the other services provided by www.precioushome.com.

Many non-medical home care services offer only homemaking services.  Others may offer homemaking services along with running errands. PreciousHome.com offers all of the non-medical home care services a client may require, including overnight coverage, respite care, hospice care, personal grooming, homemaking services and more. Clients can save a great deal of time, energy and money when working with a full-service home care service such as Precious Home Companion. Homemaking services can be performed hourly or as part of a live-in care plan; the choice is up to the client.

It is a proven fact that individuals who utilize homemaking services are more comfortable and are likely to ‘bounce back’ more quickly when their environment is clean and safe. An important part of homemaking services includes ensuring a safe environment. This is accomplished by keeping clutter away from stairs, removing loose rugs and any other obstacles that may pose a threat to the client.

Clients may allow PreciousHome.com to match them with a trained caregiver to perform homemaking services. Because we realize having a caregiver in the home to perform homemaking (or other) services is a big step for many clients, clients are also offered the option of interviewing caregivers before homemaking services begin. At www.precioushome.com the objective is to provide the services a client requires, performed by a caregiver they are comfortable with

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