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Hospice Care Services

At www.precioushome.com, we fully recognize the importance of providing exceptional non-medical hospice care services.  Hospice care services are often necessary during a time period which can be difficult and stressful to the client and their families.  Our trained, compassionate staff has many years of experience in the area of hospice care services.  Precious Home Companion has had the distinct privilege of working with Hospice of the East Bay, Vitas Hospice, and Hospice by the Bay, Hospice of Napa Valley as well as many others. The importance of providing coordinated, compassionate care cannot be overestimated when administering hospice care services.

Most clients who require hospice care services have a shortened life expectancy and often suffer from chronic diseases.  Precious Home Companion is acutely aware of the hospice patient’s unique needs.   Trained, professional non-medical caregivers work with clients and their families to coordinate patient care plans in conjunction with physicians, nurses and other medical professionals.  PreciousHome.com is keenly aware that hospice care services must also extend support to the families and is pleased to offer such services. For more detailed information about hospice care services offered, please visit the website at www.precioushome.com.

The AMA (American Medical Association) acknowledges hospice care services, including those offered by non-medical professionals; contribute greatly to a client’s quality of life. Precious Home Companion’s hospice care services are specifically designed to meet each client’s set of unique needs.  It is the commitment of Precious Home Companion’s caregivers to provide companionship, comfort and compassionate care to each hospice client. Exceptional hospice care service plans (like that of PreciousHome.com) are aimed at providing physical, emotional and psychological support to clients and their families.

Hospice care services are most often required for clients who have been diagnosed with serious, life-threatening illnesses.  Physicians who treat patients with cancer, heart disease, stroke, pulmonary disease, and dementia may recommend hospice care services are initiated. Once hospice care services are recommend by a doctor or other medial professional, clients are urged to contact Precious Home Companion to arrange for these critical services as soon as possible. The sooner hospice care services are in place, the sooner the client will receive the critically important compassionate care they deserve.

For a more in-depth understanding of how hospice care services can benefit you or your loved one visit Precious Home Companion’s website at www.precioushome.com.

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