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Relatives as Caregivers vs. Hiring a Professional and WHY You Need Insurance
February 25, 2009


Many older adults prefer to stay in their own home to receive the care they require.  Having a relative care for them is not always an option.  Some people have no relatives who live nearby and others have family members who would like to help but work a full-time job and care for their own family.  Even family members who are available to help might not fully understand the needs of the elderly. For these reasons, many older adults choose to work with a professionally trained caregiver.


The importance of maintaining ties with family cannot be overlooked. Family members can work with the caregiver; provide care on weekends, in the evening or at a time that suits their schedule.


How to know which type of caregiver is right for you:

·         If you require assistance in grooming, light housekeeping, running errands, etc. but do not need medical assistance, working with a firm that provides non-medical caregivers is your best option.

·         It is critical to choose a firm that hires employees and does not work with independent contractors.

·         Independent contractors often come with a great deal of risk, including: no liability or worker’s compensation insurance, no supervision, no background checks and no Theft/Insurance Bonding.


Precious Home Companion employs caregivers who have been thoroughly screened, have received intensive training and are regularly supervised. This firm has been providing fully insured and bonded caregivers for nearly two decades.


Why is it so important that caregivers are insured?


·         If a caregiver injures themselves while on the job (and they are not insured- typically this is the case with independent contractors), the client may be liable for astronomical medical bills. Sometimes, these bills can wipe out a family’s entire bank account. It is important to note that most Homeowner’s Insurance policies do not cover this type of injury.

·         Precious Home Companion provides complete liability, workers’ compensation insurance as well as bonding and insurance to protect clients in the unlikely event that theft (of money or property) occurs.


Our professional staff will meet with elderly clients and families (if desired) to assess precisely which type of services are required. Some clients may require live-in care (8-24 hours) per day, while others only need a caregiver several hours per day to help with bathing, cooking, laundry, etc. and to provide companionship. 


Once all parties are in agreement, a personalized care plan is presented to ensure clients receive exactly the type of care they require.   Working with a firm that understands the need for flexibility is crucial.   A client may need round-the-clock care for a while following a hospital stay. As they recover, the need for a caregiver may decrease.   Precious Home Companion provides many different types and levels of care.



Precious Home Companion is Celebrating 19 Years of Service
January 27, 2009

Precious Home Companion is Celebrating an Important Anniversary!


Precious Home Companion has been providing premier non-medical home care to our clients in northern California for 19 years. Locally owned and family-operated since 1990, it has been our pleasure to provide a full range of services to aid our clients in living a healthier and more fulfilling life. We recognize that each individual is unique and has unique needs. For that reason, our skilled caregivers are available to offer a variety of help, including: personal care (bathing, grooming, etc.), companionship, and assistance with errands, light housekeeping and more. Caregivers can work on an hourly basis or may live-in.

We are committed to providing exceptional care and are pleased to be a member of the National Private Duty Association (NPDA). In addition, our dedication has been recognized by the prestigious Gilbert Guide.  Gilbert Guide thoroughly reviews and assesses the services provided by home care companies. Only the top-rated care providers receive the stamp of approval from this renowned organization.

To our valued clients, we offer our sincere “Thank You” it has been a great 19 years and we could not have done it without you!  If you or a loved one is in need of non-medical home care, it would be our pleasure to serve you.  For more information, please visit our website at www.precioushome.com or call us at: 1-800-321-6655 for a free assessment.  We are conveniently located in six locations in the Bay Area!!! 

When to Ask for Help Caring for a Loved One
January 27, 2009

When to Ask for Help Caring for a Loved One


Members of this generation, unlike any to come before it, are often raising a family, managing a career and caring for aging parents all at the same time.  Though they often try to “do it all”, many who belong to this so-called “sandwich generation”, find it a nearly impossible task. The professional staff of Precious Home Companion is ready to assist you in developing a personal care plan uniquely designed to relieve your stress and to meet your loved one’s needs.


For nearly two decades, Precious Home Companion has been helping to care for the elderly by providing a myriad of non-medical services. From live-in care to help with errands (and everything in between) you can count on us to assist in keeping your life running smoothly.


The following is a list of warning signs that may indicate your parents are no longer able to function entirely on their own:


·         Sudden weight loss may indicate the elderly person is not eating enough or unable to prepare their own meals.

·         Inability to manage medication: If your loved one is failing to take their medications or not following dosage instructions, this can be a sign of confusion.  If your parent is confused, they can inadvertently take too much (overdose) medication.

·         Poor Hygiene: If your once impeccably groomed loved one suddenly stops bathing, shaving, etc., this can be a strong indication that help is needed.

·         Forgetfulness: Loved ones who suddenly forget doctors’ appointments or regularly scheduled activities (like visiting the barber of the hairdresser) may need help from an experienced caregiver.

·         Signs of injury: Elders that are seen with bruises or burn marks may be having great difficulty maneuvering on their own.


When and How to Talk to Elders about Lifestyle Changes


Very often, this is a difficult discussion to have with your parents.  When you have noticed any of the above indicators or observed any form of bizarre behavior, it is time to broach the subject.


We are pleased to provide some suggestions to assist you in having this vital discussion:


·         Your parents probably will not easily admit they require help. This is natural for people who have led independent lives.

·         Listen carefully to what your loved one has to say. Acknowledge their concerns and be prepared to offer solutions.

·         Many elderly clients express being placed in a “nursing home” as their #1 fear. Let them know, they can be cared for in the comfort of their own home.

·         Let your loved one know, you will still be on hand to provide love, care and support.

·         Discuss the concerns you have about their well-being. Gently cite examples of times when they have not taken their medication, specific problems which were caused by confusion on their part, etc.



Our skilled staff of caring professionals has been providing superior non-medical home care service to families just like yours for many years.  We are pleased to provide:


Certified Nursing Assistants

Home Health Aides

Nursing Assistants

Home Caregivers



We will work on your timetable and provide only the services you need. Please visit our website at www.precioushome.com  to learn of the complete range of services we provide.


We look forward to hearing from you and providing the non-medical homecare services you require.


Live Life to the Fullest with a Little Help from Precious Home Companion
September 27, 2008
Mr. Rchard DyerMr. Richard Dyer, of Danville, CA, suffered a leg injury in July, 2007.  When returning home from his hospital stay, Mr. Dyer would not be able to do all that he once did independently. The staff of Kaiser Hospital recommended he utilize the services of a home care agency to provide him with assistance upon discharge and supplied him with a list of providers. Mr. Dwyer began researching home care agencies to find the firm that provided the quality of care he expected and deserved.

A bit of investigation on Mr. Dyer’s part led him to discover that not all home care agencies are the same; in fact there were critical differences to be considered. Some firms were merely employment agencies that placed workers into clients’ homes without accepting any responsibility related to this placement.  Others, like nurse registries, sent independent contractors into clients’ homes; assuming none of the risks or liabilities that may be associated with home care.

When contacting Precious Home Companion, Mr. Dyer was able to interview a trained home care specialist, along with a skilled caregiver something the other companies did not offer. Mr. Dyer knew immediately that he had found the home care agency that was perfect for him.  The home care specialist spelled out for Mr. Dyer the advantages of working with Precious Home Companion versus another type of home care firm. Precious Home Companion is completely responsible for training, supervising and insuring their staff. They do not work with independent contractors; Precious Home Companion hires and sends their employees into the client’s home.  This is critically important for a number of reasons:

  • All employees are carefully screened (via a number of background checks and other investigative processes) before they are ever hired. Agencies that do not screen workers are taking the chance of placing (in the client’s home) individuals with potential criminal backgrounds which may include patient abuse

  • A professional representative of Precious Home Companion meets with each client (including family members) to develop a personal care plan uniquely suited to the client’s needs

  • Precious Home Companion assumes complete responsibility for payroll, which includes deductions for state and federal taxes along with Worker’s Compensation insurance.   Firms that do not provide this service leave the client with the burden of knowing all tax laws (which are every-changing), submitting taxes to the government and run the risk of incurring great costs if an independent contractor is injured on the job (because other firms don’t offer Worker’s Compensation insurance.

  • Other types of home care agencies are prohibited by law from training or supervising independent contractors. Since Precious Home Companion places employees with its clients, each employee is trained and supervised (including through occasional on-site visits) to ensure clients are receiving the best care possible.

  • All employees are insured and bonded

Within hours of discussing his specific needs with Precious Home Companion’s care team, he was provided with a skilled home care worker to work 12-hour shifts (as was Mr. Dyer’s desire).  With the aid of this trained professional, he was immediately able to return to doing the things that were so important to him. His caregiver not only assisted him with grooming, meal preparations, etc, but accompanied him to church, shopping, visiting friends, etc.  Precious Home Companion also approved in July to have Mr. Dyer accompanied by a caregiver in his travel to Scotland.

Visitors are welcomed to visit Precious Home Companion to meet with staff and to see for themselves the importance and emphasis which is placed on providing superior care. Providing service since 1990, this company is proud of its reputation and for good reason.  Open Houses, free cholesterol screening (as well as other events) encourage potential clients to visit on a regular basis. For dates of upcoming events, or for a free assessment, please contact the office at: 1-800-321-6655 or visit their website at www.precioushome.com.

Precious Home Companion is a proud member of the NPDA (National Private Duty Association) and has received the stamp of approval from the prestigious Gilbert Guide. 


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