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Respite Care Services

A full-service, non-medical home care service provider, Precious Home Companion is pleased to include respite care services among the many services offered. “Respite care services” are short-term or temporary services which provide relief to the primary caregiver.  Taking care of an elderly parent or individuals with other challenges can be very draining.  By utilizing respite care services, the primary caregiver can get some much needed downtime to run errands, visit with friends or to simply relax.  Having a trained caregiver provide respite care services alleviates a great deal of pressure from the family and enables them to return to their caretaker duties refreshed and renewed.

Respite care services are also instrumental in keeping your loved one at home, rather than in a long-term nursing facility.  By taking a break from their challenging caregiver routine, family members are less stressed-out and much more likely to be able to keep family members in familiar surroundings. Alleviating the need to place the elderly and/or infirm in hospitals or nursing homes is one of the most important reasons to utilize respite care services. To learn more about respite care services, along with other home care services provided, please visit www.precioushome.com.

Trained, highly-skilled caregivers can also provide respite care services when the primary caregiver must travel on business or wants to take a vacation.  PreciousHome.com screens, trains and supervises all if its respite care service caregivers so family members can rest easy knowing their loved ones are getting the best respite care services available.

The professional staff of www.precioushome.com is ready to meet with clients and family members to design a respite care service plan that meets the needs of all involved.  If desired, clients may interview prospective respite care service caregivers before their assignments begin. It is the goal of everyone at Precious Home Companion to match clients with the services and caregivers that best suit their needs.

Caring for the elderly often means changing needs. PreciousHome.com offers a complete array of non-medical home care services including: personal care, housekeeping services, errand completion, companionship, respite care services and more. All services are extremely affordable and have been endorsed by hundreds of satisfied customers in the Bay Area over nearly two decades.

Family caregivers are often stretched to their limits – both physically and emotionally. By enlisting the aid of a professional respite care service caregiver, family caregivers can avoid physical injuries, emotional stress, isolation from other family and friends, along with other social risks. A caregiver who takes care of themselves is much better able to care for their loved ones over the long haul.

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